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  Email your special quilt requests so Circle of Friends Quilting can get started creating your Family Heirloom and Collectable.


Theme Quilts: A totally unique quilt using Theme Fabrics, Appliqués, Embroidered Designs and/or Embroidered Wording.  The possibilities are endless for this great gift idea! 


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The Sewing Room-Perfect for the Sewing enthusiast!

This Quilt 50 x 65"

$300. and up

Appliqued and Embroidered Designs galore, vintage linens used and Little Girls Sewing Graphics in a Vintage setting. Sewing theme fabric, Fashion Divas and Pieced Thread Spools all add to the fun!


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Dimensional Button Jar-Several Embroidered Sewing Machine Designs Basket full of Embroidered notions and actual Vintage-look notions attached. This quilt is washable and backed with a Patchwork designed Fleece fabric.


The Winery Quilt-#2

42 x 55"

Approx. $230.

Unique designs created per your special requests!

Many beautiful embroidered designs available in almost any theme imaginable!



The Winery Quilt-#1

45 x 42.5"

Approx. $220.

Send us your special requests

for that unique quilt.

We can transfer your logos!

Many beautiful embroidered designs available as well as decorative appliqués



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The Vacation T-Shirt Quilt

Combine T-Shirts with your Favorite Photos to Create a Totally Unique Quilt.

All Sizes and Themes.

This quilt approx. $400.

Multi-Embroidered Designs and Themed fabrics used



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Jamaica Me Happy!

63 x 83"

Approx. $600.

A Collection of Vacation Memories

Embroidered Designs


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Appliqué and Much More



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Crusin' Quilt

57" x 68"

Approx. $550.

This quilt includes T-shirt

panels and multi-patches

Perfect for that favorite guy on your gift list- To view more 'Quilts for Men' Click Here


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And the Winner Is...

42" x 44"

Approx. $250.

Many Hollywood photos available

or add your own photos

Embroidered personalization may be added also


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At the Shore-Nautical Theme

54" x 65"

Approx. $270.

Your color choice, many embroidered designs available

Pre-printed panels and photo landscapes also available- 

please inquire

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At the Shore-Beach Theme

Approx. 56x70"


Large selection of embroidered designs available.

Up North

Approx.  36x44"



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Up North Theme Quilt

Approx. $220.

More than one photo may be added to a block Sheer overlay on a water photo to give dimension


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Red Hat Fun

38" Square


Your choice - appliqué blocks or photo blocks.


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Game Night

58" Square


Photo's may be added to squares.


31 x 29"



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The Lighthouse Quilt


Embroidered Designs Available.

Favorite Teacher Quilt

48 x 59"



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Cabin in the Woods Quilt

Your Unique Ideas in a Family Keepsake

Approximately $250.

...Custom Detailing Available...

...Personal Embroidering too!


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All That Jazz

16 Block Photo Theme Quilt

Approximately $250..


Center Block Appliqué


Embroidered Personalization Available


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Victorian House Quilt

Approx. 40 x 50"


Embroidered Designs Available.


Center Block Appliquéd