Karen@cofq.net with all questions, special requests, cost inquiries-no obligation of course!

   Stock up for the Holidays early!  Scroll through the many quilts available for the perfect Holiday gift or Home Décor.  If a photo(s) or an embroidered design can be added to the quilt, it is noted and is included in the cost listed.  The number of quilts available is noted and also if the quilt may be special ordered. 

   Orders/Purchases are taken on a first-come/first-pay basis.  Please email Karen@cofq.net to inquire on quilt availability and/or request a special order quilt.  Identify quilts using the page name and the name of the quilt under the photo.  I will get back to you ASAP to let you know if the quilt is available, your total for purchase and payment information.  If placing a special order, you will be given photo/embroidery information.  




On Quilts with photo blocks available, we will add one photo per block, which is included in the quilt cost given.  You may substitute an embroidered design and/or embroidered wording instead of the photo if you like.  Please note: Due to the detail of most embroidered designs, there may be a limit as to how many you may request, or an additional charge will be added.  Please submit your special requests.  We will confirm your order and give you photo/payment details.  Circle of Friends Quilting always offers FREE shipping!


Special Order Christmas Stockings-$28.00   

Our Stockings measure approx. 19" long, are quilted, fully lined and have a cuff.  Special Order Stockings can be personalized with a photo, embroidered design and/or embroidered wording.  Send special requests to Karen@cofq.net for color, fabric theme (Elegant, Traditional or Fun Prints) and Embroidered design.  See the Stocking samples below and also the Pillow Covers for some of the Embroidery Designs available.  

 Please use the name and number given to identify the Stocking or Pillow Cover design you would like to reference.


Sample Stocking with Photo, Embroidered design and name

#7 Cats

Perfect for a favorite pet

Several different fabrics available 

#8 Dogs

Embroidered name can be added to cuff


#1  Baby's First Christmas

with year

#2  Snowman and Friends


#3  Jolly Snowman



#4  Boy With Tree


#5  Rudolph


#6  Fill My Stocking



Sept 7 2008 056.jpg (1030420 bytes)

Sept 7 2008 057.jpg (1020682 bytes)

We have Embroidered Designs available in any theme for the Holidays imaginable-just ask!

#9 Santa & Rudolph


#10 Christmas Elf




Special Order Pillow Covers- $30.00

Our Pillow Covers offer an open back to accommodate a 16” pillow form (not included) and are washable.  The cover is quilted and has a 2" fabric ruffle using either the same fabric as the border or a coordinating fabric.  We can add one photo, an embroidered design and/or embroidered wording (name and/or date) all included in the cost.  Your choice of fabric style and color.  See samples below to get ideas.  We have hundreds of embroidered designs available, email design theme requests to Karen@cofq.net.  


Don't forget to double-click the photo to enlarge and see more detail.


Sample w/ Photo, Embroidered Wording and Design




Sample with photo added




Pre-made Pillow Covers sold as is- $25 

Click Here to see Holiday themed 

Pre-made Pillow Covers


Panel Quilts- 

These quilts offer a colorful pre-printed panel along with photo blocks that may also be used for embroidered designs and/or embroidered wording.  The perfect size to hang on the wall and complement any décor.  We will be happy to include hanging rings that are hand-sewn to the back of the quilt at no extra charge-just let us know. Noted are how many Photos may be added.  You may request an Embroidered Design or Wording in the Photo blocks instead of a Photo.  Please refer to Panel Quilts and the Quilt name to identify the Quilt you are interested in.  Send special requests to Karen@cofq.net  To view more samples of Panel Quilts in a non-holiday theme Click Here.


Home Sweet Home

38.5 x 44"

10 Photo Blocks-$140.

Home Sweet Home



Navy Blue Christmas

41 x 46"

10 Photo Blocks-$140.


Navy Blue Christmas

1 Available

Santa Clause is Coming

38 x 36.5"

8 Photo Blocks-$120.

Santa Clause is Coming



Winter Friends-SOLD

47 x 45"

10 Photo Blocks-$140.

Winter Friends

1 Available

Snowman Friends- Sold

28 x 47"    $80.

Embroidered Wording Added


Love Will Keep Us Warm

Deep Slate Blue-SOLD

All Flannel

50 1/2 x 53"  $150.

1 of each color available

Love Will Keep Us Warm

45 x 47"

Deep Olive Green-SOLD


Snowball Dreams

61 x 63"

6 photo blocks

Pre-printed Snowman designs

Redwork Toile Embroidery


Only One Available




These quilts can be made up in any fabric style and/or color you like!  Specify your style preferences (Elegant, Traditional Christmas, Cute/fun Print, etc) and Color shades (example: Red, bright or deep shade).  We have hundreds of Holiday embroidered designs available also (Snowmen, Santas, Christmas scenes, Floral and Wreath designs, etc.)  Please feel free to request a different quilt pattern or layout, almost anything is possible!

Please Note: Some of the samples shown below are available for purchase also and noted as such.  'As Is' means the fabric and designs are the same as the photo but you may still have your photo's added and embroidered wording before the quilt is finished off for you.  Please email Karen@cofq.net with any questions you may have.


02Oct18009.jpg (88872 bytes)

Holiday Stars offers 8 Star blocks where photos may be added- Approx. 45" Square

Special Order


Center block is an appliqued design-several designs available, please inquire

Any colorway is available 



Sample center block-Embroidered Name and/or Date may be added

Close-up of Star block




Snowman Windows Wall Hanging

Approx 36" Square

Special Order



Center block is appliqued-8 Photos and Embroidered Wording may be added.



Children's Holiday Activity Quilt-Special Price-$80.

3 Printed blocks can be colored

(crayons included)  Heat setting & washing instructions also included.

Quilt measures 30 x 35" and is available in the 3 fabrics shown:

#1 Snowman Windows, #2 Candy Cane Swirls and #3 Brilliant Snowflakes

#2 Candy Cane Swirls available only

The corner block has a pocket for your crayons.

We will also personalize the quilt by adding a photo and the child's name embroidered above the pocket. 



Special Order

Snow Angels Wall Hanging

33 x 28" - $80.

1 As Is Available

Embroidered Designs Available




Special Order

9-Block Snowball Quilt

Approx 38" Square-$100.

Your choice of fabric style and colors

1 As Is Available

9 Photos may be added



Special Order

Tree of Stars

23 x 35-$60.

Family Photo and Embroidered Wording added





These quilts are one-of-a-kind quilts and sold as is.  We may be able to add embroidered wording and/or an embroidered design to the quilt, please inquire.  Quilts have a cotton muslin backing unless otherwise noted and are washable-care instructions are included with your order.  Use the quilt name to identify the quilt when ordering.  Double-click photo to enlarge.


Angels-1 Available

49" Square


Includes angel appliqué & Pre-printed graphics

Holiday Elegance- 


47.5" Square



Vintage Santas

1 Available

47 x 48"


Multi Embellishment & Pre-printed Santas

Winter Wonderland Tapestry

35 x 45"    $75.

1 Available