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Pre-made Pillow Covers-$25.00 


Pillow Covers have a 2" ruffle made from the same fabric or coordinating fabric as the pillow outside border and an open



back to insert a 16" pillow form.  (Pillow form is NOT included).  


Double Click photos for a larger view-


To order the following pillow covers, email karen@cofq.net for item availability using the Pillow Cover Number and



 Name.  I will get back to you ASAP to confirm your order and give you a total 



August92010 046.jpg (2568916 bytes)

CIMG3733.JPG (1042289 bytes)

To custom order a Photo Memory Pillow and see more samples- Click Here

*Hearts and Flowers


Valentine Fairy

Photo may be added #2


Many of the Embroidered Designs and Graphics can be duplicated on a Custom ordered Pillow Cover-please inquire 


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September132011 006.jpg (2564762 bytes)

August92010 050.jpg (3296423 bytes)

Christmas Tree


2 Available

Ice Skaters


*Garden Angel

Solid Beige Border


August92010 049.jpg (2754467 bytes)

PIC00010c.JPG (168286 bytes)

August92010 051.jpg (2936304 bytes)

*Garden Angel

Muted Beige Print Border

#6- SOLD

*Love on the Moon

#7- SOLD


#8- SOLD

August92010 056.jpg (2838104 bytes)

August92010 052.jpg (2800719 bytes)

September132011 007.jpg (3028616 bytes)




#10 SOLD


#11 SOLD

September132011 008.jpg (2921290 bytes)

September132011 009.jpg (2655126 bytes)

September132011 010.jpg (2990686 bytes)

Country Pinecone Wreath

#12 SOLD

Snowman in Red

#13- 1 available


#14 SOLD


August92010 040.jpg (2467127 bytes)

August92010 053.jpg (2880943 bytes)

August92010 054.jpg (2739762 bytes)

Mother's Pillow

#15 SOLD

*Sewing Mother


*Sewing Mother

#17- SOLD

PIC00021c.JPG (168510 bytes)

August92010 042.jpg (2762136 bytes)

August92010 055.jpg (2863675 bytes)


#18 SOLD

Wedding Pillow Cover

#19 SOLD

*Wedding Pillow Cover

#20 Sold

CIMG3731.JPG (1037958 bytes)

August92010 045.jpg (2925159 bytes)

August92010 047.jpg (2235023 bytes)

Hearts and Fairy

Photo may be added





#23 SOLD

August92010 025.jpg (3017599 bytes)

September132011 011.jpg (3588488 bytes)

August92010 027.jpg (3112072 bytes)

Happy Snowman

#24 SOLD


#25 SOLD

*Holiday Wreath-Teal

#26 SOLD

August92010 028.jpg (3151058 bytes)

August92010 029.jpg (3035945 bytes)

August92010 030.jpg (3135904 bytes)


#27 SOLD

*Pine Cone Wreath

#28 SOLD

*Toile in Teal

#29 SOLD


August92010 031.jpg (2525145 bytes)

August92010 032.jpg (3226079 bytes)

August92010 033.jpg (3204115 bytes)

*Home Sweet Home



#31 SOLD

Wreath and Bows

#32 SOLD

August92010 034.jpg (2592653 bytes)

CIMG3728.JPG (1063533 bytes)

August92010 036.jpg (3069947 bytes)

*Home for the Holidays

#33 SOLD

Moose Tracks

Photo may be added



#35 SOLD

August92010 037.jpg (3292553 bytes)

September132011 012.jpg (2694268 bytes)

August92010 039.jpg (2902464 bytes)

*Redwork Santa

#36 SOLD


#37 SOLD



September132011 016.jpg (2711461 bytes)

September132011 015.jpg (3050762 bytes)

CIMG3727.JPG (1035699 bytes)

Baby's First Christmas


Happy Halloween

#40- SOLD

Candy Cane Mouse

Photo may be added-Ruffle will be added  #41

2 Available 

September132011 018.jpg (2581194 bytes)

September132011 019.jpg (2717149 bytes)

CIMG3732.JPG (1025042 bytes)

Vintage Valentine

#42- 2 available

Photo may be added

Vintage Valentine


Photo may be added

Be Mine Bear

Wording may be added-Ruffle will be added


CIMG3729.JPG (1064955 bytes)

CIMG3730.JPG (1063148 bytes)

CIMG3734.JPG (1036951 bytes)

Pink Swirl Hearts with Cherub

#45  Photo may be added

Ruffle will be added

Pink Swirl Hearts with Rose

#46  Sold



Reindeer Cross Stitched 

Cover- Photo may be added

#47  SOLD

CIMG3735.JPG (1060996 bytes)

CIMG3736.JPG (1031985 bytes)

Holly Print


Photo may be added

Gold Snowflake on Green

#49  SOLD

Photo may be added