FREE PATTERN!   Custom Photo Memory Quilt

Custom Photo Memory Pillow

The perfect gift idea and easy to make!  Include a permanent marking pen to make this a great autograph quilt.  Add a Photo Pillow as a perfect coordinate to the quilt- Click on Photo Pillow at left for full instructions.  Don't forget that special Graduate!

To view more Quilt samples and get ideas Click Here.  Please feel free to email with any questions you may have or to Special Order a Personalized Memory Quilt in any size, for any occasion!

Photo Memory Quilt     quiltpics 023.jpg (652957 bytes)  Jan12078.JPG (657634 bytes)

Finished Quilt Size: 27 ½” x 24”


Materials Needed:

Ό yard White or Off-White fabric for Photo blocks

1/3 yard fabric for Inside Border (Sashing)

½ yard fabric for Outside Border and Binding

1 Package June Tailor Quick Fuse Photo Transfer Sheets

7/8 yards each Thin Batting and fabric for quilt back

Thread to match for quilting


Cutting Directions:        Note: wof = width of fabric (usually 44”- 45” wide)

From the Photo Block fabric- Six Squares measuring 6 ½” each

From the Inside Border Fabric- Five strips measuring 2” x wof.

    Recut into four strips 2” x 6 ½”, three strips 2” x 21 ½” and two strips 2” x 17”

From the Outside border fabric- one strip 2” x wof, recut into two strips 2” x 17”.

    Two strips 4” x wof, recut into two strips 4” x 27 ½”.  Four strips (for Binding)

    1 ½” x  wof, recut into two strips 1 ½” x 26”    and two strips 1 ½” x 32”.

From the Batting and Backing fabric- One piece each measuring 30” x 34”


Directions:  Ό” Seam Allowance used throughout 

Double-click the images for a larger view  

  1. Right sides together, sew a 6 1/2” inside border strip to (4) of the Photo blocks on the right side of the block.  quiltpics 001.jpg (598803 bytes)   quiltpics 002.jpg (607206 bytes)
  2.  Open out the strip and press seams in one direction towards the darkest fabric.    quiltpics 003.jpg (630668 bytes)
  3.  Sew the blocks together, creating 2 rows with (3) blocks per row and an inside border strip between the blocks.   Press seams.

    quiltpics 004.jpg (598913 bytes)

  4.   Sew the 2 block sets together, adding a 21 ½” inside border strip between the block sets.  Be sure to line up the border strips between the blocks. Sew a 21 ½” strip to the top and bottom of the block piece. Press seams.

quiltpics 005.jpg (593143 bytes)

5.   Sew a 17” inside border strip to each side of the block piece. Press seams.

quiltpics 006.jpg (604315 bytes)

6.   Sew a 2” x 17” Outside border strip to each side of the block piecePress seams.

quiltpics 007.jpg (621800 bytes)

 7.   Sew a  4” x  27 ½” strip to the top and bottom of the block piecePress seams. 

quiltpics 008.jpg (647448 bytes)

Add photos and machine embroidery before layering and quilting.

Adding the Photos: Following manufacturers directions on Quick Fuse package, print photos.  Arrange photos so you can fit 3 or 4 on a single page.  Since you will be cutting out the actual photo, you will not need to leave a border around the photo. Cut out photos and fuse in place on blocks.  Add a decorative stitch around each photo.  Photos are permanent and washable!  

   quiltpics 010.jpg (602652 bytes)

Quilting:  Lay the backing fabric on a flat, pinning surface, wrong side up.  Smooth the batting piece over it, lining up edges.  Layer the quilt top next, right side up and centered on top of the batting. 

quiltpics 012.jpg (656976 bytes)

 Pin in place.  Stitch in the Ditch (stitching directly on the seams) around the photos, blocks and borders through all three layers (a Walking Foot is very helpful or reduce the foot pressure if possible).  When finished quilting, trim the outside edges even with the quilt top.

quiltpics 013.jpg (652898 bytes)

Adding the Binding:  On each binding strip, fold one long edge over Ό” to wrong side of fabric and press.

quiltpics 016.jpg (615956 bytes) 

Line up the right side, raw edge of one binding strip to the raw edge of quilt side BACK.  Stitch in place Ό” from edge.

quiltpics 017.jpg (669361 bytes)  

  Repeat for other side.  From the back of the quilt, open out binding and press up.

quiltpics 018.jpg (681364 bytes)

 Bring folded edge of binding around to the front of quilt and pin in place.

quiltpics 019.jpg (620009 bytes)

 Top stitch on binding as close to the fold as possible.  Trim ends even with quilt.  For top and bottom binding, repeat the process but leave 1” of binding extending past the ends of the quilt.

quiltpics 020.jpg (620002 bytes)

Turn ends in before you bring the binding folded edge over to the front.

quiltpics 021.jpg (615868 bytes)

 Pin and stitch in place.

Other embellishment suggestions:  Ribbons, laces, buttons and charms, appliquιs and embroidery.  Use a permanent marking pen for autographs!