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Pre-Made Pillow Covers and Panel Quilts


To view Memory Quilt samples Click Here


More Memory Pillow Samples in the Graduation and Wedding/Anniversary sections.


Memory Pillow Cover Information


Photo Pillow Covers are available in all colors and themes.  The Pillow Cover  includes 1 or 2 photo transfers, a 2" fabric ruffle


 or a straight edge and embroidered personalization/design. Pillow Covers are 16" Square (not including the ruffle) and have an


 open back for pillow form insertion and are washable.  Please note: These are Pillow Covers, the Pillow Form is not


 included).   Send your fabric color and style requests as well as any embellishment ideas to  We will respond


 ASAP with a cost quote and estimated time of completion.



If referencing any of the Pillow Covers on this page, please give us the page name (Memory Pillows) and Pillow Cover name.  


Vintage Hanky Pillow Covers-Quantities are limited.  Note: The Floral Hankie is actually a pre-printed panel with a vintage


 look, it is an old Hankie! 1 Photo and Embroidered Wording may be added.  Each Pillow also includes a lace doily and a heart


 charm.  Use number given to identify the pillow cover design you would like to order.   Regular $30. 



Jan18068.JPG (648885 bytes)  Jan180610.JPG (650531 bytes)   Jan180611.JPG (664521 bytes)

 #1 Vintage Hanky Pillow

This pattern is no longer available

A muted, vintage-look fabric is used for the outside border and ruffle.

Photo is placed in the center of the doily 

Heart Charm added at top



#2 Vintage Hanky Pillow

5 of this pattern available

Embroidered wording (Name, Date, Etc.) may be added to the border 


#3 Vintage Hanky Pillow 

4 of this pattern available


Jan180612.JPG (651943 bytes) Jan180613.JPG (658356 bytes) Jan180614.JPG (665060 bytes)

 #4 Vintage Hanky Pillow

4 of this pattern available



 #5 Vintage Hanky Pillow

4 of this pattern available


  #6 Vintage Hanky Pillow

4 of this pattern available



 CIMG6202.JPG (665584 bytes)

Yellow Roses Vintage Linen Pillow

16" Pillow Cover


 CIMG4761.JPG (1030379 bytes)CIMG4762.JPG (1035637 bytes) CIMG5825.JPG (1032234 bytes)

CIMG5826.JPG (1064548 bytes)

 Vintage Hanky Pillow

16" Pillow Cover

You may provide your own Personal Hanky     $30.

 Vintage Hanky Pillow

16" Pillow Cover

Or we can use one of our many Vintage Hankies and add a Doily if you like!





Vintage Splendor Pillow Cover-The Pillow top is a pieced design called Crazy Patch.  This allows us to use many muted, old-fashioned looking prints to capture the Vintage feel.  Decorative stitching and Embroidered Designs add a touch of elegance.  Color choices are White, Antique White or Ecru.  Photos may be copied in Color, Black/White or Sepia for a truly antique look!

CIMG3911.JPG (1033086 bytes) P1250007.JPG (187475 bytes)

Vintage Splendor Pillow Cover-$35.

Fits 16" Pillow Form

  We have many linens or you may supply your own!

Photo may be added + embroidered personalization.  Some Vintage linens used.  Larger sizes available.



Vintage Splendor Pillow Cover

Beautiful Embroidered Designs added-your choice of colors



More Pillow Cover Samples:


CIMG6279.JPG (650932 bytes)

Home Sweet Home-$30.

 Jan180651.JPG (649049 bytes)

Love Made Us Friends-$30.

Collage Style Photo Pillow Cover
Cost depends on number of Photos used
$35 and up

CIMG5024.JPG (1021278 bytes)

Our Class Pillow Cover

School uniform fabric used

CIMG6276.JPG (647231 bytes)

Pillow Covers can be made in almost any theme imaginable!

CIMG4802.JPG (1025482 bytes)

Fall Fun Pillow Covers- $30. each


  CIMG4826.JPG (1067180 bytes)  CIMG4827.JPG (1032809 bytes) 

 Pillow Covers done in your choice of Colors and Fabric Style.  Beautiful lace embellishments may also be added for a truly elegant look

CIMG4830.JPG (1052115 bytes) CIMG4829.JPG (1061944 bytes)



june20085.JPG (1024999 bytes) june20081.JPG (1064769 bytes)

CIMG2399.JPG (1038226 bytes)

The Best Things in Life...

Made to coordinate with the quilt shown below.


Quillo-A Quilt and Pillow combined!

This Quilt 47 x 57

Approx. $175-depending on how many Photos added

The Quilt folds up into the attached Pillow Cover!

Pillow approx. 17" square

Fleece backed for comfort-folding instructions included

dec17079.JPG (1035161 bytes)

To view more samples of Memory Quilts Click Here


CIMG4260.JPG (1033275 bytes)

April122011 001.jpg (2714804 bytes)April62012 003.jpg (2456302 bytes)

December132011 001.jpg (2840529 bytes)

Awareness Pillow Cover

Many great awareness designs available-Photo and Wording may also be added   $30.

Great for Teacher Gifts!

Single Photo/Design $30.

Collage Style w/ wording $35.

Double Photo Pillow Cover

Design may also be added



CIMG4083.JPG (1064597 bytes)CIMG4258.JPG (1035569 bytes)

CIMG4849.JPG (1028534 bytes)CIMG6159.JPG (629920 bytes)

CIMG4848.JPG (1036691 bytes)

In Memory of...

Clothing pieces may also be used-Embroidered Wording and Design added  as well as a Photo $30. and up 

(depending on detail)


CIMG4851.JPG (1037266 bytes)CIMG4854.JPG (1027586 bytes)

CIMG4853.JPG (1028249 bytes)

April122011 004.jpg (2582495 bytes)

CIMG4176.JPG (1043080 bytes)postafterxmasCIMG5396.JPG (1029627 bytes)

CIMG6110.JPG (1026242 bytes)

Southwest Flair!

$35-due to extensive Embroidered Design



Sisters...Best Friends!

Made in your Color choice with Wording and Design- $30.


Nana's Little Angels

Sweet little Angels or classy, elegant Angel designs available!



May302009 004.jpg (2369210 bytes)

July142009 006.jpg (2091604 bytes)

August22009 003.jpg (2321634 bytes)

Tropical Paradise

Themed Fabric w/ 3 Photos added and same-fabric Piping- $33.

Umbrella Flowers

Fabrics and Designs in your choice of colors


Double Ruffle 

Any Design or Theme available with a Double Ruffle in coordinating colors added



November202009 007.jpg (2826458 bytes)

November202009 009.jpg (2848963 bytes)

CIMG4586.JPG (1051010 bytes)

Baseball Fan

Many sports related designs available


Cute Kids

Many kids related designs available


Pink Roses

Many beautiful fabrics available as well as Designs in almost any theme imaginable!


feb17093.JPG (2718561 bytes)

May32009 001.jpg (2249365 bytes)

feb17092.JPG (2512709 bytes)



Roses for Mom

Designs for almost any Flower available


Remembering the Class

This Pillow Cover was made using school uniform fabric-

The class photo and Embroidered Wording were added- $30.


April192010 006.jpg (3250176 bytes) April52010 014.jpg (2548923 bytes) February72011 001.jpg (2522390 bytes)

Wine Country

Designs in any Theme and for any Occasion available

Great gift idea  for that special Teacher!  Click Here

to view Memory Quilts

Cabin Sweet Cabin

Many Theme Fabrics available!  $30.


Sept 7 2008 046.jpg (1035807 bytes) Sept212008 015.jpg (1031362 bytes) Sept212008 014.jpg (1038965 bytes)

Tinkerbell- Many Disney designs available!


Baseball- Many Sports designs available!    


Fishing Buddies



Oct102008 041.jpg (1032552 bytes) Oct102008 040.jpg (1039166 bytes) Dec082008 001.jpg (1029903 bytes)
Great gift idea for club members and favorite friends!

Extra photos may be added-

Please inquire on pricing

Great gift for that favorite Grandma!  $35.


june15081.JPG (1031846 bytes) june15082.JPG (1085181 bytes) 20170706_105434.jpg (5968119 bytes)

Tulips for Mom

Almost any flower available for embroidery-just ask!


Rainbow Hummingbird

Your choice of Fabric styles and colors   $30.

Naughty Cats

Larger Cover with extra Photos



Dec082008 004.jpg (1035558 bytes) Dec082008 003.jpg (1028123 bytes) December132011 002.jpg (2799038 bytes)

Multi-photos added plus wording- $35.

Appliqués' added


Favorite Pet  #4

Many Pet Themed Fabrics available- $30.


Oct102008 038.jpg (1037682 bytes) Oct102008 039.jpg (1036081 bytes) Oct102008 037.jpg (1028159 bytes)

Double Panel Pillow Cover

2 'panels' created to feature 2 different themes!


Soccer Boys!

Many sports themed fabric available as well as Embroidered Designs

$30 and up


Designs, Wording & Photo added to themed fabric.



CIMG4818.JPG (1033682 bytes)

Memo Pillow Cover-$35.

Ribbons are open to hold notes

Photo may be added


The Initial Pillow 

Embroidery w/ Pearl Embellishment-perfect Wedding or Anniversary 

gift idea!

16" Pillow



I Love Michigan!

All State outlines available and possibly other related Embroidered Designs- just ask!


Sept2103010.jpg (67876 bytes) feb15081.JPG (1006084 bytes) aug19071.JPG (1023547 bytes)

I Love to Dance!-$35.

Appliqué & Embellishment added

Let's Monkey Around!

Poem or Saying added instead of photo


Embroidered Initial Pillow

Several Initial designs are available-a photo may also be added- $30.


April12061.JPG (635303 bytes)

April12062.JPG (643128 bytes)

March23067.JPG (641668 bytes)

A Memory Pillow Cover to coordinate with your quilt is a wonderful gift idea!

This Pillow- $30.

A Photo, Embroidered Design and Wording may be added for a personal touch

Coordinating Quilt

To view more samples of Memory Photo Quilts

Click Here


nov26071.JPG (1022429 bytes)

nov26072.JPG (1048167 bytes)

Sept212008 013.jpg (1033699 bytes)


Approx. 20 x 26"

(Standard size pillowcase)

$20.00 and up depending on detail & number of Photos 

Many Theme Fabrics available-please inquire

2 Photos plus Embroidered Wording added

(Additional charge for extra photos)

Full, Queen & King sizes available-email for pricing. 

Send Special Requests for Fabrics and Colors to:

P3060015.JPG (180533 bytes)

nov26073.JPG (1061310 bytes)

March130616.JPG (637756 bytes)

Pillow Shams!

A beautiful coordinate to any Bed Quilt.

$25.00 and up depending on detail and number of photos

nov26074.JPG (1063434 bytes)

Pillowcase can be reversible!


Almost any theme/design available-just ask!


nov220712.JPG (1037637 bytes)

nov220711.JPG (1025180 bytes)

nov220710.JPG (1026660 bytes)

T-shirt Pillow Cover

These Covers measure 18" to accommodate T-shirt panels.   $30.

1 or 2 Photos plus Embroidered Wording may be added

To view samples of T-shirt Quilts Click Here


nov220714.JPG (1029688 bytes)

nov14073.JPG (1051596 bytes)

nov14074.JPG (1063168 bytes)

Braided Tie Pillow Cover

Panel made from your Ties!

1 Photo, Embroidered Design and/or Embroidered Wording may be added.


Bowtie Pillow Cover

Dimensional Bowties and coordinating fabrics in your choice of colors.  1 Photo plus Embroidered Design and/or Embroidered Wording may be added.

Close up of Bowties

A wonderful way to remember a loved one!


Click Here to view a Quilt made with Ties


april160810.JPG (1041703 bytes) April04012.JPG (101438 bytes) August62009 007.jpg (2461098 bytes)

Mother's Day

Photo may be added-many Embroidered designs available


Red Hat Friends!

Great idea for your Red Hat group and for Fund Raisers!


Design Only

Thousands of designs available in almost any 'Theme'-just ask!



Any Theme available-please inquire.  

Photo may be added.  $30.

Embroidered Designs and Wording may be added

Specialty Pillow Covers-

a little 'extra' added!


PIC00017gg.JPG (196061 bytes)

2 Photos may be added

 Embroidered Wording and Design $30.






P8120016.JPG (206306 bytes)

june120714.JPG (1026451 bytes)

june120715.JPG (1043219 bytes)

Western Theme-


(Due to extra embellishment and Embroidery)

CIMG6151.JPG (679229 bytes) Photo may also be added to the Pillow Cover back with Embroidered Wording as well.  Just ask!


dec10071.JPG (1014618 bytes)

dec100712.JPG (1032616 bytes)

dec17075.JPG (1028864 bytes)

Star Block Pillow Cover

Most Sports Themed fabrics available- $30.

Favorite Pet #1


Favorite Pet #2

Many great animal themed fabrics available!



P9010001.JPG (204940 bytes)

CIMG6160.JPG (631712 bytes)

sept1072.JPG (1028291 bytes)

Remembering a Favorite Pet

$30. & up

Camo fabric used for a masculine look and braided cording for edging instead of ruffle!



Favorite Pet #3

Many Embroidered Designs Available


PIC00007g.JPG (197457 bytes) June19,03006.jpg (57691 bytes)

Remembering a Loved One


Remembering Classmates

Great Teacher Gift


Memory Pillow-Perfect gift idea for a favorite coach!

april160811.JPG (1031704 bytes)

Father's Day

To view more samples of Quilts and Pillow Covers for that special guy-Click Here


april23081.JPG (1037616 bytes)

Quilters Dream Pillow

Embroidered Quilt Blocks and Wording added-any color available!

approx. $35.

P9070009.JPG (208025 bytes)

Nov503011.jpg (74422 bytes)

Sept2103016.jpg (87276 bytes)

march11081.JPG (1029301 bytes)

If Friends Were Flowers...

Embroidered and Appliquéd Roses added.


Photo may also be added


If Friends Were  Flowers- I'd Pick You Pillow Cover-$35.00

Appliqué Added



Many great theme fabrics available-please inquire


Nov5,03024.jpg (74709 bytes)

August62009 008.jpg (2727343 bytes)

june120713.JPG (1044614 bytes)

Beautiful Antique-look Fabrics Available


In Memory Of...

Clothing Pieces used to create patchwork fabric.


Photos may be enlarged 


P9010001.JPG (204940 bytes)

nov9074.JPG (1042652 bytes)

Sept212008 016.jpg (1016510 bytes)

Remembering a Favorite Pet


1 or 2 Photos added, Embroidered Design and Wording


Cat Lovers!

Designs for almost any animal available

nov14071.JPG (1085866 bytes)  Janurary3,04002.jpg (85243 bytes) pillow 003.jpg (352236 bytes) 

Vintage Splendor Pillow Cover-Includes Linens, Lace and Doilies.  Photo & Design or 2 Designs may be added.


Remember a Loving Pet  


Pink Princess