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Pre-made Quilts, Pre-made Pillow Covers, Panel Quilts, Candle Mats and Pocket Pillows


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Candle Mats- $10.00 

Please note quantities are limited and offered on a first come basis so don't delay.  Email your requests to Karen (Let me know the Candle Mat # and quantity you would like)  I will respond ASAP with your total and payment info.  As always, questions welcome any time!

Please note: Fabrics and/or designs may vary slightly. Quantity available is noted in quotations.

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CIMG5289.JPG (1020951 bytes) These sweet Candle Mats measure approx. 15" square and when paired with a candle are the perfect Hostess gift for the Holidays! Candle Mats also have a decorative Fabric used on the back so they can be reversible!




CIMG5280.JPG (1030063 bytes)

#1 Purple/Black (4)

CIMG5297.JPG (1046495 bytes)

#2 Orange/Black (4)

CIMG5298.JPG (1036842 bytes)

#3 Orange/Black (4)



CIMG5300.JPG (1034577 bytes)

#4 Glow in the dark! (2)

CIMG5301.JPG (1002505 bytes)

#5 Teal/Black (4)

CIMG5304.JPG (1031131 bytes)

#6 Orange/Black (3)

                                                       CIMG5305.JPG (1050183 bytes)

                                                  #7 Candy Corn/Orange (3)


Halloween Wall Hangings Available- Quilted sweet decor to hang on a wall or door.  Hanging rings included!

CIMG5275.JPG (1016823 bytes)

Pumpkin Fest! Pre-printed panel with borders.

Approx. 30 x 42"

$25 (1 available)

CIMG5276.JPG (1028259 bytes)

Trick or Treat Kids

Approx. 26 x 32"

$25 (only 1 available)


Fall Theme-


CIMG5285.JPG (1028288 bytes)

CIMG5294.JPG (1008295 bytes) CIMG5302.JPG (1040299 bytes)

#8 Fall Leaves (1)


#9 Scarecrow (4) #10 Brown/Green Pinecone (1)



CIMG5279.JPG (1033113 bytes)

#11 Gingerbread SOLD

CIMG5277.JPG (1031498 bytes)

#12 Holly (2)

CIMG5278.JPG (1057869 bytes)

#13 Snowflake Glitz SOLD


CIMG5281.JPG (1037571 bytes)

#14 Snowman Red SOLD

CIMG5282.JPG (1039361 bytes)

#15 Snowman Red/Green SOLD

CIMG5284.JPG (1016854 bytes)

#16 Snowman Glitz-Blue SOLD

CIMG5283.JPG (1026528 bytes)

#17 Poinsettia Red/Gold (1)


CIMG5290.JPG (1052751 bytes)

#18 Holiday Berries (2)

CIMG5299.JPG (1034930 bytes)

#19 Cherubs (2)

CIMG5291.JPG (1059306 bytes)

#20 Holiday Poppies (1)

CIMG5292.JPG (1050970 bytes)

#21 Holiday Roses (1)

CIMG5293.JPG (1052699 bytes)

#22 Candy Canes Green Sold

CIMG5296.JPG (1026518 bytes)

#23 Let it Snow SOLD


CIMG5306.JPG (1038341 bytes)

#24 Winter Greens (1)

CIMG5307.JPG (1029096 bytes)

#25 Pinecones (1)