A Photo Memory Quilt is the perfect way to express your love and appreciation to that very special Mother or Grandmother.  Quilts are available in any size and theme-we have many beautiful fabrics available and thousands of embroidered designs to choose from.  Tell us a bit about the quilt recipient and we will add many personal touches to create a treasured keepsake just for her.  Embroidered wording also available.

A Photo Memory Pillow will compliment your quilt or make a fabulous gift on it's own.  Memory Pillows are available for all occasions  Click Here to see many samples of Custom Order Pillow Covers or Here to see samples of Pre-made Pillow Covers (Photo and Embroidered Wording can still be added to most).  Most Pillow Covers- $30.00

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Send special requests to Karen@cofq.net.  Let us know the approximate quilt size and number of photos you have.  We'll get back to you with a price quote and completion time frame. Remember, Circle of Friends Quilting offers FREE shipping!  Please note: We will ship the Quilt and your photographs to you for free-if we need to return unused fabrics or clothing pieces, artwork or other items we've made copies of for the Quilt, you will be responsible for that shipping fee.

If referencing any of the quilts on this page, please give us the page name (To Mom with Love Quilts) and Quilt name.  

Memory Quilt Samples-Click on the images for a larger view

The 6-Block Mini Quilt- This smaller sized quilt makes a perfect Wall Hanging and offers 6 blocks for either a Photo or Embroidered Design.  Embroidered Wording may also be added.  Send your fabric color and style requests to Karen@cofq.net

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Sample 6-Block Mini Quilt

Quilt measures approx. 

27 x 24"   $75.

Up to 3 lines of Embroidered Wording may be added.

6 Photos and/or Embroidered designs may be added to blocks.  Photos may be copied in color, Black/White or Sepia for an Antique look!

We have almost any fabric and/or Embroidered Design Theme available.

Submit Special Requests

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Greatest Grandma Quilt!

This Quilt  60 x 57"


Multi-Embroidered Designs and Wording added, Appliqué, Embellishments, Photos and more!

T-Shirt panel added, Fleece backed for comfort


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Quilted Wall Hanging

This Quilt 46 x 32"

Approx. $175.

Embroidered Designs in any theme available.  Any size Wall Hanging available!

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9-Patch Memory Quilt

This Quilt 53 x 64"

Approx. $230.

Almost any Floral Design available-just ask! Your choice of Colors and Fabric Styles.


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The Garden Quilt

This Quilt 53 x 71"

Approx. $280.

Beautiful Themed Fabric-

Extensive Embroidered Designs and Wording added

Any size, Theme and Color available- submit special requests to Karen@cofq.net


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Hearts for Mom

This Quilt 47 x 58

Approx. $220.

Hundreds of beautiful Embroidered Designs available in almost any theme.  Please inquire

Matching Pillow Case

Photos, Embroidered Design and Wording may be added.

$20 and up


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Double Border Quilt

This Quilt 47 x 52"

Approx. $175.

Tell us about the Quilt recipient so we can add Embroidered Designs/Wording to reflect their favorite things! april22084.JPG (1036539 bytes)


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9-Patch Memory Quilt

This Quilt- 57 x 68"

Fleece Backing used


Print fabrics are actually pieces cut from clothing!

Photos are copied in Sepia for a truly Vintage look.


Embroidered designs added.

Your personal message added to the center block.


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Double Irish Chain Design

This Quilt- 55.5 x 81"

Approx. $300.

Fleece backed for comfort!

Beautiful detail piecing and multi-photos added.

Any size and color theme available.

Embroidered Personalization added


A Mother's Love Quilt

This quilt 37.5 x 43"

Approx. $180.

Hundreds of Beautiful Embroidered Floral Designs available

All sizes available

Any number of photos may be added


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Family, Memories & Roses



Centered photo with

embroidered 'border'

Submit Special Requests to Karen@cofq.net


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Vintage Dreams

Embroidered Wording may be added- $200.

This quilt available for purchase as is.

Hankies and Linens used to add Romance!

Vintage graphics and Pre-printed floral blocks give this quilt an old fashioned look  

Angels Watching Over Me

This Quilt 44 x 40"

Approx. $175.

Many beautiful Angel designs available

Your choice of fabric color and style

16 Block Photo Quilt

This quilt 45 x 50"

Approx. $200.

Add a favorite verse, poem or saying

Embroidered designs in related themes make this a truly personal keepsake!

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For That Special Someone

12 Block Photo Quilt

Approx.  $200

Approximate Size:  30" x 40"

Checkerboard Border

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16 Block Photo Quilt

Approx. $200.

Personalization Available

Large Variety of Embroidered Designs Available

Bonnet Girls Quilt- Beautiful Vintage look

Approx. 30 x 40"


The Bonnet Girls are appliqued in place and offer a dimensional hankie for their skirts.  Embroidered designs are also available.

Floral embellishment finishes the quilt for a truly personal and one-of-a-kind touch.


Star for a Cure Quilt- $150.00  Quilt Measures 40" Square

Star block with photo/pink ribbon in smaller version may be added to a quilted pillow cover

$30. Please inquire

Up to 4 photos added to corner blocks-Embroidered wording may also be added

Pink floral shades used-other fabrics/colors may be requested

Email special requests to