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Karen@cofq.net with all questions, special requests, cost inquiries-no obligation of course

Baby Quilts and Pillow Covers

Pricing-Quilt costs depend on the Quilt size, number of photos/copied items and detail added.  Included in the cost: Embroidered Wording like a name, date and/or short saying plus a couple Embroidered Designs.  There is an additional charge for extensive Embroidery.

Prices are listed for the quilt samples below to give you an idea but for an actual quote, please tell us the approx. size you are looking for and the number of photos, T-shirt/clothing pieces, etc. you want added.

 Send special requests for quilt size and desired theme to Karen@cofq.net.  A Satin Blanket Binding may be used for an additional charge, please inquire.

Memory Pillows are a wonderful coordinate for your quilt or alone as a great gift idea.  Most Pillow Covers are $30.00 and include one photo, Embroidered wording and/or an Embroidered Design. Please note: these are Pillow Covers that have an open back for easy pillow form insertion (the pillow form is not included)Click Here to view more samples of Memory Pillows with Photos.

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Announcement Pillow for Baby 

Photo & Embroidered information!

August232010 012.jpg (2282693 bytes)August192010 001.jpg (3483263 bytes)


If referencing any of the quilts on this page, please give us the page name (Baby/Kids Quilts) and Quilt name.  


6-Block Photo Mini-Quilt -   $60.00  Each Quilt ordered is customized per your requests for color, fabric style,


designs and wording. 


 This Wall Hanging size Quilt measures approx. 30 x 25 and offers 6 photo blocks.  Also included is an embroidered design to

 reflect the child's interests, favorite thing nursery, etc. 


We can also embroider a name, date and/or short saying!


march20081.JPG (1019696 bytes) CIMG4157.JPG (1001371 bytes) CIMG4158.JPG (1021221 bytes)




Quilt Samples: Any size and Color Combination available!


CIMG6536.JPG (1021339 bytes) CIMG6537.JPG (1029932 bytes) CIMG6538.JPG (1039539 bytes)


New Baby Clothing Quilt

This Quilt 50 x 65"

Approx. $240.



Almost any type of clothing item may be added!

Many great themed Embroidery Designs available, just ask!


CIMG6485.JPG (1027750 bytes) CIMG6483.JPG (1010097 bytes) CIMG6484.JPG (977058 bytes)


It's a Girl Baby Quilt!

This Quilt 35x45"

Approx. $175.




Backed with Fleece for a super soft and cozy Quilt!

Embroidered Wording added and Quilt is trimmed with a super soft Satin Binding upon request!


CIMG6408.JPG (634935 bytes) CIMG6410.JPG (639185 bytes) CIMG6409.JPG (623089 bytes)


Patchwork Style Baby Quilt!

This Quilt 44 x 55"

Approx. $150.




Soft Flannel Fabrics used-Quilted Blanket trimmed in a soft Satin Binding-Fleece backed for ultimate comfort! Done in any Color.

CIMG6412.JPG (625628 bytes)


CIMG6386.JPG (628657 bytes) CIMG6387.JPG (636704 bytes) CIMG6388.JPG (629573 bytes)


Princess Baby Quilt!

This Quilt 42 x 52"

Approx. $180.




Almost any theme available, done in any color combination and in any size!

Embroidered Wording added and Quilt is trimmed with a super soft Satin Binding upon request!


CIMG6145.JPG (681189 bytes) CIMG6133.JPG (672521 bytes) CIMG6135.JPG (658095 bytes)


Trains! Black and Gray

This Quilt 80" Square

Approx. $350.

(Due to extensive embroidery and Photos)




Fun fabrics used, traffic light in center is appliquéd, many themed Embroidery Designs added!

CIMG6134.JPG (676649 bytes)


CIMG6037.JPG (1034621 bytes) CIMG6038.JPG (1037670 bytes) CIMG6039.JPG (1036461 bytes)


Sugar and Spice Quilt!

This Quilt 44 x 58"

Approx. $200




Almost any theme available, done in any color combination and in any size!

Embroidered Wording added and Quilt is trimmed with a super soft Satin Binding.


CIMG5118.JPG (1036611 bytes) CIMG5119.JPG (1035773 bytes) CIMG5120.JPG (1030204 bytes)


Monkey Business Quilt!

This Quilt 40 x 55"

Approx. $185




Themed fabric and Embroidered Designs are perfect for the Nursery!

Quilts done in any size, color and/or theme!

Embroidered Wording added and Quilt is trimmed with a super soft Satin Binding.


CIMG4988.JPG (1016203 bytes) CIMG4985.JPG (1020311 bytes) CIMG4986.JPG (1012575 bytes)


Fuzzie Fabrics Quilt

This Quilt 50 x 66"

Approx. $300

(Due to larger Photo sizes)




Done in your choice of colors, fabric style and theme!

Embroidered Designs 

available for almost any theme



CIMG4918.JPG (1023733 bytes) CIMG4921.JPG (1023237 bytes) CIMG4920.JPG (1026474 bytes)


The John Deere Quilt

This Quilt 65 x 80"

Approx. $250




Great John Deere themed fabric used (if available).  Perfect for Boy or Girl!

Fleece backed for cuddling up in!

Embroidered Wording 

and theme Designs added for a personal touch.


CIMG4880.JPG (1034461 bytes) CIMG4878.JPG (1027933 bytes) CIMG4879.JPG (1028236 bytes)


Circus Fun Quilt!

This Quilt 38 x 45"

Approx. $150



Embroidered Wording added.  Embroidered Designs available in almost any nursery theme imaginable!

Quilt is edged with a wonderful coordinating Blanket Binding and backed in Fleece

CIMG4881.JPG (1034241 bytes)

Coordinating Pillow Cover makes for a great gift idea!  1/2 off if ordered with Quilt


CIMG4594.JPG (1020095 bytes) CIMG4595.JPG (1038464 bytes) CIMG4590.JPG (1022150 bytes)


Vintage Patchwork Style 

Baby Quilt

This Quilt 53 x 69"

Approx. $320

(due to number of Photos added)



A variety of Reproduction Fabrics used (circa 1930's) for this sweet Baby Quilt!

Embroidered Wording 

and Designs added for a personal touch.

CIMG4781.JPG (1019971 bytes) CIMG4783.JPG (1043329 bytes) CIMG4782.JPG (1035834 bytes)


Thomas the Train Quilt

This Quilt 38 x 65"

Approx. $75



Photos may also be added- Baby Quilts are backed with a super soft and warm Fleece fabric- perfect to cuddle up in!

Embroidered Wording and/or Embroidered Designs may be added


CIMG4910.JPG (1061252 bytes)  


Minecraft Creeper Quilt

Approx 60" Square- Fleece backed for comfort.   $160.



CIMG4415.JPG (1017989 bytes) CIMG4416.JPG (1033519 bytes) CIMG4417.JPG (1024416 bytes)


Disney's Cars Quilt

This Quilt 40 x 42"

Approx. $175

(due to extensive Embroidered Designs added).



Themed Fabric used when available-

many themed Embroidery Designs available-just ask!

Embroidered Wording added-

Photos may also be added.


CIMG4388.JPG (1021175 bytes) CIMG4389.JPG (1034377 bytes) CIMG4390.JPG (1030070 bytes)


Prince Charming Quilt

This Quilt 40" Square

Approx. $150.



Flannel Fabric used for a soft and comfy feel!

Images and Embroidered Wording added.


CIMG4371.JPG (1031964 bytes) CIMG4369.JPG (1039967 bytes) CIMG4367.JPG (1029804 bytes)


It's a Boy! Baby Quilt

This Quilt 36 x 45"

Approx. $160.



Beautiful Poem printed to fabric for center block- Designs and Wording also added

Baby Quilts may be edged with a soft, satin binding for extra comfort!

Please request- small fee applied


CIMG4353.JPG (1012714 bytes) CIMG4354.JPG (1036753 bytes) CIMG4355.JPG (1034830 bytes)


T-Shirt Signature Quilt #1

This Quilt 60 x 86"

Approx. $275.



Plenty of 'empty' space for Friends and Family to write a special note!

T-Shirt/Clothing items added-almost anything is possible-just ask!

Designs to reflect interests/favorite things and embroidered wording added for a personal, unique touch!
CIMG3949.JPG (1013130 bytes) CIMG3950.JPG (1027945 bytes) CIMG3951.JPG (1042987 bytes)


Jungle Babies Quilt

This Quilt 46 x 50"

Approx. $180.



Embroidered Designs and Wording added

Baby Quilts may be edged with a soft, satin binding for extra comfort!
Feb132012 003.jpg (2410201 bytes) Feb132012 004.jpg (2381161 bytes)


Feb132012 005.jpg (2251749 bytes)


 Oh Baby #3 Clothing Quilt 

This Quilt 46x64"

Approx. $200.

A wonderful way to preserve those precious 'little' memories and display your Baby's clothing items! 

Backed with Fleece- perfect for the Little One to cuddle up in! Photos may also be added

October242011 004.jpg (2259886 bytes) October242011 005.jpg (2514730 bytes) October242011 006.jpg (2371019 bytes)


I Love Dance Quilt

This Quilt 38 x 46"

Approx. $150.



Many themed Fabrics available

Embroidered Designs added for that personal touch!
September12011 001.jpg (2476201 bytes) September12011 002.jpg (2484495 bytes)


September12011 003.jpg (2490533 bytes)


Oh Baby! #2 Quilt

This Quilt 66 x 86"

Approx. $250.

Off-set Patchwork Style using Baby Clothes, Blankets, Bibs and more! Fleece backing makes the Quilt super soft and warm-perfect to cuddle up in!
November82010 011.jpg (2274782 bytes) November82010 012.jpg (2370190 bytes) November82010 013.jpg (3276784 bytes)

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!

This Quilt- 31 x 37.5"

Approx. $100.


Many themed fabrics available



Fleece backed for a super soft, cuddly quilt for Baby!

september132010 001.jpg (2663134 bytes) september132010 003.jpg (2575363 bytes) september132010 004.jpg (2350891 bytes)

Disney Friends

This Quilt- 36 x 40"

Approx. $150.


Nursery Rhymes & Friends

This Quilt- 36 x 40"

Approx. $150.



Embroidered wording added plus many Embroidered Designs in almost any theme available.  Crib Quilts can be edged with Satin Blanket Binding for a soft look and feel!

nov22079.JPG (1016229 bytes) nov22075.JPG (1028925 bytes) nov22076.JPG (1029928 bytes)

Vintage Babies

This Quilt 45 x 50.5"


Vintage looking prints combined with Vintage kids Embroidery Designs make this a great Crib Quilt. Fleece backed for warmth and comfort.
oct1071.JPG (1028737 bytes)  oct1073.JPG (1036478 bytes)   oct1075.JPG (1068053 bytes)

 My Favorite Things!

This Quilt 56 x 73"


Embroidered Designs of almost every vehicle imaginable-just ask!  Many great Theme fabrics available also

Fleece backed for warmth and comfort.

 To view more Quilts for that special Guy Click Here

May030712.JPG (902563 bytes) May030713.JPG (930181 bytes) CIMG4419.JPG (1034863 bytes)

Pooh and Friends #1

This Quilt- 50 x 55"

Approx. $180.

Pooh Bear appliquéd in center block

Embroidered Wording added.

Edged with a Satin Blanket Binding-Fleece Backed.

Pooh and Friends #3

This Quilt 44x46"

Approx. $160.


November222010 001.jpg (2838585 bytes)  November222010 002.jpg (2312305 bytes)  November222010 003.jpg (2801257 bytes)

 My Mom and Dad Quilt

This Quilt approx. 38" Square


Embroidered Designs also added and available in almost any theme.

We can add as many photos 

as you like!  


aug4085.jpg (1035509 bytes) aug4089.jpg (1032178 bytes) aug408 002.jpg (1027312 bytes)

Pooh and Friends #2

This Quilt- 50 x 52"

Approx. $180.

Coordinating mini-crib quilt

This Quilt- 26 x 40"


Fabrics may vary depending on theme fabrics available

Head Board Pillow w Ruffle

18 x 24"  $35

Open back for easy foam piece (included) insertion and for washing

IMG_4888.jpg (202190 bytes) IMG_4889.jpg (220674 bytes) IMG_4894.jpg (212261 bytes)


 Let us know where the mother-to-be is registered and we'll make a Photo Quilt to coordinate the nursery theme!  Hundreds of Embroidery Designs available in almost any Theme.  


img35b.jpg (34267 bytes) CIMG4315.JPG (1034937 bytes) CIMG4311.JPG (1051813 bytes)

Daisy Garden Quilt

Approx. 38 x 51"


Flowers are appliquéd and embroidered- wording added!

Fabric is actually the same Lavender as in sample-did not photograph well!


chibi bedding1.jpg (55256 bytes) August102011 003.jpg (2608806 bytes) August102011 007.jpg (2479347 bytes)

Jungle Animals Quilt

Approx. 45 x 55"


Photos can also be added + Embroidered Designs and Wording

Coordinating Pillow Cover! $30.

Half off if ordered with Quilt


may260716.jpg (640493 bytes) may260715.jpg (309426 bytes) scan0001.jpg (254225 bytes)

Fire Trucks! 

See finished Quilt below


Over the Moon Quilt

See finished Quilt below


Adorable Animal Appliqué Quilt

See finished Quilt below

may26074.JPG (1082081 bytes) may26072.JPG (1022211 bytes) may26073.JPG (1036108 bytes)

Over the Moon Quilt

Approx. 40 x 50"


Soft Flannels used for blocks and a Chenille fabric used for outside border.  Fleece backed for warmth and comfort. Large center appliqué added plus multi-Embroidered Designs
April20078.JPG (888028 bytes) April20079.JPG (838001 bytes) April200710.JPG (944134 bytes)

Fire Trucks! 

This Quilt 51" Square

Approx. $180.

Many theme fabrics available.  Embroidered and Appliquéd designs added.

Quilt is backed with Fleece for a super soft feel!  Submit your special theme requests to Karen@cofq.net

Jan12073.JPG (646798 bytes)  Jan12074.JPG (630147 bytes)

Adorable Animal Appliqué Quilt

This Quilt approx. 34 x 40"


Flannel fabrics used for comfort-

Fleece backed for warmth 

Jan12075.JPG (626280 bytes)  Jan12076.JPG (605352 bytes) Jan12077.JPG (617255 bytes)
 Many photos added

Matching animals appliquéd and embroidered along with wording

  Almost any theme available for embroidered designs-just ask!



Honey Bears Crib Quilt

Photos and Embroidered Wording may still be added

Approx 36" Square


Snowball Quilt Design offers 9 blocks for photos or Embroidered Designs

Approx. 40 x 55"

$140 and up depending on detail

Many themed fabrics and Embroidered Designs available-please inquire 

Approx 45 x 60


Jan180625.JPG (658800 bytes)  Jan180626.JPG (621420 bytes) Jan180628.JPG (645581 bytes) 

 Lion Friends-This quilt available

44 1/2 x 54 1/2"    $170.

4 Photos and Embroidered Wording may be added

Adorable Lion Embroidered Designs and Themed Fabric 

Lion print Fleece added to back if available-otherwise, cream Fleece added.

Jan180647.JPG (658263 bytes)  Jan180648.JPG (635439 bytes) Jan180650.JPG (636479 bytes) 

 Winnie the Pooh #3

This quilt 38 1/2 x 40"

Approx. $175.

Many Winnie the Pooh Embroidered designs available

Photos may also be added 

Large center design is appliquéd 


Pooh Bear Pillow Cover- Photo and/or Embroidered Wording may be added

Many themes available-Character is appliqué  $30 and up

Fleece Blanket with appliqué-also backed with Fleece

Approx 36 x 45"-Embroidered designs and/or Wording may be added

$100 & up depending on detail/design

Rubber Duckies! Crib Quilt

Corner blocks are appliquéd on chenille

Photos and Embroidered designs/wording may be added

Approx. 40 x 50"   $175


I Spy Quilt-

Each block offers a different design!

35 x 44"


Vintage Kids at Play- Rail Fence Quilt Pattern

44 x 60"

$170. Photos may be added



Wonderful bright colors!

43 x 49"



      Crib Quilt Sample

          This Quilt approx. 38 x 45"

  $200. (due to extensive Embroidered Designs)

Center Photo added w/ Embroidered Wording and Satin Ribbon Trim

All Fabric Colors and most Fabric Themes available-please inquire

Send Nursery Theme to Karen@cofq.net and let us create a unique and personalized Baby Quilt for you!



Memory Photo Pillows-Perfect to capture baby's First Moments!  Photo & Embroidered Wording/Design added to pillow cover in any fabric theme or color

Pillow Covers- $30.  To view more samples Click Here

        Bumble Bees!   

Approx. 36 x 45"

. $180


Many embroidered designs available

to match your nursery theme

and/or colors-Fleece backed

           Dress Up Bear Quilt

Appliquéd Bear in center block-Patchwork design.  Photos may be added, any size available.

Approx $220.

PIC00001b.JPG (206400 bytes) PIC00002b.JPG (206528 bytes) PIC00004b.JPG (206889 bytes)

Goodnight Teddy

Great Gift Ideas for Baby!

Approx. $180.

Many Embroidered Designs Available

Fleece Backed for comfort

Blanket trimmed in Satin Binding

Round 'em up Western Quilt

48.5 x 57


Fleece Backed

Multi Embroidered Designs

Large Appliquéd Boot

Cording around the Border

Denim Fabrics Used

Jan120713.JPG (674863 bytes)

Jan120714.JPG (659138 bytes)

Jan120720.JPG (651200 bytes)

Handprints!  Great idea for a School Auction Quilt-this quilt 84 x 90"

Approx. $450.

72 Photo/Handprint blocks

Multi Embroidered Designs and Wording- Any size available

To view more Participation Quilt samples

Click Here 

The perfect gift idea for the Mother-To-Be and a Wonderful

Keepsake Quilt for Baby!

The Participation Quilt (Below) allows Family and Friends to contribute blocks to help make this quilt a truly personal and unique keepsake item.  Quilts can be made in any size up to a Twin-For more information on this quilt Click Here.

Great Baby Shower Gift Idea!

63 x 65"

Approx.  $300.

Extensive embroidery, photo's and graphics added

Diaper Bag is Actually an Invitation Enlarged - Open to keep cards.

Heirloom Bonnet/Bridal Hankie- A wonderful keepsake gift for Baby!

$20.00 each  April29,03006.jpg (225301 bytes)

This great gift will become a tradition in the new Baby's family.  The Baby Bonnet is formed from a lace-trimmed hankie and has Blue ribbon ties.  On Baby's wedding day, the Bonnet is turned into a Bridal Hankie which is also the 'Something old, something Blue'.  This wonderful keepsake will be passed on for generations to come.

Gift boxed along with the complete instructions and a gift card that reads the following:

An Heirloom


A tiny square of linen 


And a dainty edge of lace 


Designed into a bonnet


To frame your baby’s face 


After baby’s worn it


Fold and tuck away


And it becomes a hanky


For baby’s Wedding Day


If the baby is a boy


On this day he should marry 


This would be the ‘something Blue’


His joyful Bride will carry.

Baby's First Christmas Stocking- $28.00    

This personalized Stocking measures approx. 19" long, is quilted, fully lined and has a cuff.  We can add a photo or an embroidered design to the stocking along with embroidered wording-Baby's First Christmas or the Baby's name and the year.  There are many fabrics available, send special requests to Karen@cofq.net.  Your choice of color and theme of fabric: Elegant, Traditional or Fun Prints like Snowmen, Santas, Candy Canes, etc.  Click Here to view samples of some fabrics and embroidered designs available.