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Karen@cofq.net with all questions, special requests, cost inquiries-no obligation of course!



Prices are listed for the quilt samples below to give you an idea but for an actual quote, please tell us the approx. size you are looking for and the number of photos, T-shirt/clothing pieces, etc. you want added.



The 6-Block Photo Mini-Quilt  $70. 


This quilted wall hanging is the perfect size to hang in an office or den, drape over a chair or car seat!  There are 6 open blocks for either a photo or embroidered design.  The price includes the quilted wall hanging which measures approx. 22 1/2 - 26 1/2" x 28".  An embroidered design and /or wording plus a photo or design added to each of the 6 blocks. 


Email requests for themed fabric, embroidered designs and wording. 


PIC00019b.JPG (205580 bytes) PIC00020b.JPG (206387 bytes) March230612.JPG (654195 bytes)
6 Block Mini Quilt Finished Sample Photo's added to blocks plus an Embroidered Design Sample of Mini-Quilt with Photos and Embroidered Wording added!
june12079.JPG (1034892 bytes)
Sample of Mini-Quilt with Photos and

Pillow Covers- Also a great gift idea for that special guy.  Our Photo Pillow Covers are made per your special requests to fit perfectly in a den, office or any room in the house!  Pillow covers are quilted and have a 2" fabric ruffle or straight edge for a more masculine look.  The cover fits over a 16" pillow form (not included) and has an open back for easy pillow form insertion and washing.  We can add your favorite Photos, Embroidered Designs and Wording.  Done up in your choice of colors, fabric styles or fabric themes.  Send special requests to Karen@cofq.net.  Most Pillow Covers $30. and up

Oct102008 041.jpg (1032552 bytes) Oct102008 040.jpg (1039166 bytes) april160811.JPG (1031704 bytes)CIMG6160.JPG (631712 bytes)
Great gift idea for club members and favorite friends!

This Pillow $30.

Extra photos may be added-

Please inquire on pricing

This Pillow $35. due to extra photos added

Great gift idea for Father's Day!

Second Pillow Cover has a braided cording instead of ruffle!

nov220714.JPG (1029688 bytes) nov14073.JPG (1051596 bytes)

Braided Tie Pillow Cover

Panel made from your Ties!

1 Photo, Embroidered Design and/or Embroidered Wording may be added.

16" Square $35.00

Bowtie Pillow Cover

Dimensional Bowties and coordinating fabrics in your choice of colors.  1 Photo plus Embroidered Design and/or Embroidered Wording may be added.  Request a 2" Fabric Ruffle.



PC100032.JPG (187767 bytes) Sept212008 015.jpg (1031362 bytes)

16" Pillow Covers

Photo, Embroidered Design and Embroidered Wording may be added.


Sept212008 014.jpg (1038965 bytes)

march11081.JPG (1029301 bytes)



If referencing any of the quilts on this page, please give us the page name 

(Quilts for Men) and Quilt name.  




The National Guard Quilt

This Quilt 55x65"

Approx. $270.


Embroidery Designs available for almost all

branches of the Military

Done in your choice of fabric colors- any

size available!




Tampa Bay Bucs Themed Photo Quilt

This Quilt 58x68"

Approx. $260.


Done in any size and your choice of colors!

Many sports team fabrics also available, just ask!

Embroidery Designs and Wording added





Cycling Themed Photo Quilt

This Quilt 50x65"

Approx. $260.


Your choice of colors-done in any size.

Embroidery Designs also available in most themes






The NASCAR Photo Quilt

This Quilt 50x60"

Approx. $260.


Many themed fabrics and designs available, just ask!

Done in any size with any color or theme combination!





Steelers Photo Quilt

This Quilt 52x68"

Approx. $250.


Done in any size and your choice of colors!

Many sports team fabrics available, just ask!

Embroidery Designs also available in most themes

Photos added







Colts Wedding Photo Quilt

This Quilt 50x64"

Approx. $260.


Done in any size and your choice of colors!

Many sports team fabrics available, just ask!

Embroidery Designs also available in most themes


CIMG6355.JPG (637977 bytes) CIMG6356.JPG (642394 bytes) CIMG6357.JPG (625478 bytes)


The Thin Blue Line

Memory Quilt 

This Quilt 40" Square

Approx. $270.

.(Due to number of Photos added)


Photos placed in a collage or 'floating' style as opposed to being framed.

Embroidered Designs and Wording added


CIMG6370.JPG (641075 bytes) CIMG6371a.JPG (637016 bytes)  

CIMG6372.JPG (625895 bytes)

The Thin Blue Line-#2

Memory Quilt 

This Quilt 45x60"

Approx. $250.


Made in any size and color combination

Embroidered Designs and Wording added


CIMG5485.JPG (1017236 bytes) CIMG5486.JPG (1022923 bytes) CIMG5487.JPG (1035205 bytes)

Elvis in the House Quilt!

This Quilt 55 x 65"

Approx. $280.

Collector Fabrics used- Elvis Fabric out of print.  Done in any Color combination.

CIMG5490.JPG (1036492 bytes)


CIMG5359.JPG (1012840 bytes) CIMG5360.JPG (1033179 bytes)


CIMG5361.JPG (1033559 bytes)


Rock and Roll!

This Quilt 55 x 65"

Approx. $260.

Embroidered Designs available in almost any theme imaginable as well as themed Fabrics!

Any number of photos can be added, Embroidered Wording, etc.


CIMG4685.JPG (1029298 bytes) CIMG4686.JPG (1056495 bytes)



CIMG4687.JPG (1053907 bytes)

Patchwork Style using Fabrics circa 1860's- Civil War era

This Quilt 51 x 60"

Approx. $250.

Many Reproduction Fabrics available to reflect the actual materials, colors and patterns used in history and Quilting!

Photos may be printed in Sepia or B/W 

to offer an aged look.  


CIMG4531.JPG (1030972 bytes) CIMG4528.JPG (1019021 bytes)


CIMG4529.JPG (1028821 bytes)


Special Dad Quilt-Browns

This Quilt 50 x 62"

Approx. $260.

Embroidered Designs available in almost any theme imaginable!

Done in any size and your choice 

of colors.  Fleece backed for comfort!



CIMG4440.JPG (1031582 bytes) CIMG4441.JPG (1032999 bytes)

CIMG4442.JPG (1031627 bytes)

CIMG4437.JPG (1040565 bytes)


Patchwork Style Quillo

A Quilt and Pillow Combo!

This Quilt 66 x 80"

Approx. $330. (due to detailed piecing)

Embroidered Designs available in almost any 'theme'.  Wording added

A Pillow Cover is sewn to Quilt back.  Fold the Quilt up, slide into cover and you have a comfy Pillow!


CIMG4299.JPG (1026891 bytes) CIMG4300.JPG (1002400 bytes)


CIMG4301.JPG (1026516 bytes)


Sports Graduation T-Shirt/

Jersey Quilt

This Quilt 78 x 100"

Approx. $320.

Almost anything can be added: Patches, Sports Letter, Articles, etc.

Photos, Embroidered Designs and Wording also added for a truly personalized Quilt!


CIMG4273.JPG (1038051 bytes) CIMG4274.JPG (1061317 bytes)


CIMG4275.JPG (1045530 bytes)


The Karate Quilt

This Quilt 36 x 45"

Approx. $170.

Karate themed fabric used!  Side strips represent  belt levels.

Photos added in collage fashion- wording and designs added!


CIMG4266.JPG (1038624 bytes) CIMG4264.JPG (1031934 bytes)


CIMG4265a.JPG (1000824 bytes)


T-Shirt/Clothing Quilt #2

This Quilt 57 x 70"

Approx. $230.

This Quilt made in deep Blues (which did not photograph well!)

Fleece backing used for a super soft and warm Quilt- perfect to cuddle up in!



CIMG4205.JPG (1017630 bytes) CIMG4206.JPG (1024340 bytes) CIMG4207.JPG (1037081 bytes)


 Hockey Jersey's Quilt #1 

This Quilt 80 x 95"

Approx. $300.


Photos may also be added.  Backed with a wonderful fleece fabric making the Quilt super soft and warm!

Embroidered Designs and Wording may also be added, please inquire


CIMG4170.JPG (1033909 bytes) CIMG4171.JPG (1042517 bytes) CIMG4172.JPG (1052259 bytes)


Graduation Photo Quilt 

This Quilt 45x60"

Approx. $225.




Done in School Colors or your choice of Colors and Fabric Style 

Embroidered Designs available in almost any theme imaginable-wording also added for a personal touch! 


CIMG3802.JPG (1030066 bytes) CIMG3798.JPG (1039565 bytes) CIMG3799.JPG (1014859 bytes)


Log Cabin Style Quilt-Green

This Quilt 62x70"

Approx. $280.




Done in any Color combination

Note: Number of Photos added may be limited due to 'block' size used to create the Log Cabin Design

CIMG3800.JPG (1004668 bytes)


CIMG3703a.jpg (1117340 bytes) CIMG3704a.jpg (1113048 bytes) CIMG3705a.jpg (1118639 bytes)


'That Special Guy!' Quilt 

This Quilt 70x85"

Approx. $375.

due to extensive embroidery



Made in your choice of colors and in any size.

To view more Quilts for Guys Click Here

Embroidered Designs and Wording added  


December132011 005.jpg (2797689 bytes) December132011 006.jpg (2725084 bytes) December132011 007.jpg (2563658 bytes)


 Wherever My Ship Sails Quilt

This Quilt 50 x 60"

Approx. $260.


Beautiful Fabrics used to reflect the theme of the Quilt

Embroidered Designs and Wording added


June162011 001.jpg (2503896 bytes) June162011 002.jpg (2404442 bytes)



June162011 003.jpg (2482837 bytes)

Hunter's Dream-

Remembering Dad

This Quilt 60 x 70"

Approx. $270. due to extensive Embroidery

Done in any size and color combination.  We have Designs and Fabrics in any theme imaginable!

June162011 004.jpg (2425543 bytes)


May102011 001.jpg (2202966 bytes) May102011 002.jpg (2277113 bytes) May102011 003.jpg (2718471 bytes)


Favorite Memories Quilt-Blue

This Quilt 55 x 60"

Approx. $270.


Fabrics in all styles available-perfect for that special guy!

Many Sports and Sports Teams designs available


November292010 004.jpg (2611219 bytes) November292010 005.jpg (2546206 bytes)


November292010 006.jpg (2607334 bytes)


T-shirt Quilt-Grey/Black

This Quilt 54 x 64"

Approx. $250.

Done in your choice of colors and fabric style! Fleece backed for comfort


November82010 006.jpg (2696935 bytes) November82010 007.jpg (3002981 bytes)


November82010 008.jpg (2938224 bytes)


T-shirt Quilt-Blue

This Quilt 50 x 60"

Approx. $250.

T-shirts, Clothing Pieces, even Ties added! Embroidered Wording and Designs available in almost any theme


DSCN1951.JPG (1529482 bytes)  

DSCN1952.JPG (1417071 bytes)



Camo Quilt!

This Quilt 55 x 65"

Approx. $230.

Embroidered Designs for almost any NFL or College teams available


May42010 001.jpg (2069507 bytes) May42010 003.jpg (2077096 bytes) May42010 002.jpg (2148981 bytes)

Great Birthday Gift Idea!

This Quilt 52 x 71""

Approx. $250.


A gift the whole family can participate in!  Family members and friends decorate blocks to be added!

Click Here for more information on Participation Quilts.

Many Team and sports Logos/Designs available.

The Sports Quilt

A perfect quilt for the sports enthusiast!  Done up in any color or fabric style or we’ll personalize this quilt to feature your favorite team using team fabric (when available), embroidered designs and appliqués.  All sizes available, from a wall hanging to Stadium Blanket large throw size.

Email Karen@cofq.net for team fabric availability and with your special requests on quilt size and embroidery.  Have a collection of old T-shirt and/or Jersey logos?  We can add those to the quilt also.  See sample T-shirt quilts below.

December262011 006.jpg (2823984 bytes) December262011 007.jpg (2743766 bytes)


December262011 008.jpg (2651437 bytes)


  T-Shirt/Jersey Quilt 

This Quilt 58x78"

Approx. $220.

Backed with Fleece for a super soft and warm Quilt! 

Team Fabric sometimes available-just ask!

December1520102010 005.jpg (2194538 bytes)  

December1520102010 006.jpg (2311600 bytes)

December1520102010 003.jpg (2448803 bytes)


T-shirt Sports Quilt

This Quilt 45 x 60"

Approx. $150.

Many Sports Embroidery Designs available We can also add photos!
IMG_9147.jpg (2479483 bytes) April282010 002.jpg (2033958 bytes)


IMG_9148.jpg (2032342 bytes)


Hockey Town!

This Quilt 71 x 93"

Approx. $250.

Multiple Hockey jersey's used to make this a perfect sports themed Quilt! We have many sports designs also available-just ask!


sept20071.JPG (1016881 bytes) sept20072.JPG (1060171 bytes)

Take The Field Football Quilt

Approx. 45 x 60"


Stadium Memory Quilt

This Quilt 53 x 70"


A perfect way to stay warm at the games!  

Choose Fabrics in your school colors!

Fleece backed for warmth and comfort

Your Favorite Team Fabric, T-Shirt Logo's or Embroidered Designs in Blocks! Photos may also be added to blocks

Fleece fabric for backing available 

Please inquire

NC State Fan!

This quilt 52 x 60"

Approx. $250.

Many Pro-Sports and College Sports Embroidered Logos available-please inquire

Also many Team fabrics available or quilt can be made using Team colors

Chicago Bulls T-Shirt Quilt

This quilt- 60 x 92"

Approx. $300.

Embroidered designs added

To view more T-shirt quilt samples Click Here


Many Team logos available

Service Quilts-Great Theme Fabrics and Embroidered designs 

available to honor that special man or woman in the military!  Email Karen 

for fabric availability and with any questions or special requests.






may1081.JPG (1030815 bytes)  may1082.JPG (1039677 bytes)  may1083.JPG (1064026 bytes) 

 Daddy's Girl

This Quilt 49 x 56"


A perfect blend of Themes-

Embroidered Designs and Wording added

Fleece backed 

Fabric & Design Themes pictured above-please request any not shown 


quilt11.jpeg (2928694 bytes) January182011 017.jpg (3013915 bytes) January182011 018.jpg (3054327 bytes)


National Guard Quilt

This Quilt 53 x 64"

Approx. $250.

(Photo blurred for privacy)

Many Patriotic and Military Services logos available!

Done in any Color combination and Fabric Style




Fishing Quilt

Photos and/or Embroidered Designs and Wording may be added.


This Quilt approx. 50" sq

Made using your ties


Lighthouses-Many Embroidered Designs and Pre-printed Lighthouse panels available

Jan18061.JPG (655748 bytes)

Jan18063.JPG (652874 bytes)

Jan18065.JPG (650535 bytes)

T-Shirt Quilt

This quilt approx. 50 x 60"


Embroidered designs added

Embroidered wording added

To view more T-Shirt Quilt samples, Click Here

2004Mar02 020.jpg (79899 bytes) PIC00005b.JPG (200680 bytes) PIC00006b.JPG (199190 bytes)

Tie One On!

Have lots of Ties and don't want to throw them away?  Let us work them into a quilt for you!  Prices depend on number of Ties and size of Quilt desired-Please inquire

*Hunter's Dream-#2

46" Square

7 Photo Blocks


1 Available as is- Embroidered wording may also be added

The Harley Quilt

This Quilt 65 x 80"

Approx. $350.

20 actual T-shirt panel blocks w/ smaller logos appliquéd throughout the quilt


Fleece backed for warmth and comfort

To view other samples of T-Shirt Quilts Click Here

Ducks Unlimited

This quilt 60 x 67"

Approx. $230.

Embroidered designs and wording added

Camouflage borders are actually from a T-shirt!

Appliqués added

Flannel print for backing

april110814.JPG (1030028 bytes) april11088.JPG (1034318 bytes) april110812.JPG (1038216 bytes)

Loving Father 

This Quilt 70 x 93"

Approx. $500.

Fleece backed for comfort.

To view samples of other Memorial Quilts Click Here

april110811.JPG (1044879 bytes) Embroidered Designs and Wording added.

Photos, Clothing and T-shirt pieces make the Quilt unique and personal.

April52010 006.jpg (2786765 bytes) April52010 003.jpg (2728759 bytes)


April52010 007.jpg (2756812 bytes)


BSA/Eagle Scout Quilt

This Quilt 62 x 84"

Approx. $350.

Licensed BSA fabric available-Clothing Pieces, Patches, Applique, Photos and more added! April52010 005.jpg (2837279 bytes)

*Road Trip-Special Order

26 x 28"   Approx. $100.

Or this quilt available-$75.

Your Photos Added

Up to 15!

Trip Routing Can be Included!

PC150004.JPG (201859 bytes) PC150005.JPG (192513 bytes) PC150006.JPG (202260 bytes)

Your Favorite Car Photo's Added.  Approx. 50x70"


Any Size Available

Fleece Backing upon Request for an Additional Charge

Crusin' Quilt

57" x 68"

Approx. $420.

This quilt includes T-shirt

panels and multi-patches

Many photos and embroidered designs included

oct1071.JPG (1028737 bytes)  oct1073.JPG (1036478 bytes)   oct1075.JPG (1068053 bytes)

 My Favorite Things!

This Quilt 56 x 73"


Embroidered Designs of almost every vehicle imaginable-just ask!  Many great Theme fabrics available also

Fleece backed for warmth and comfort.




Samples of some Embroidered Designs available-We have hundreds more, submit special car design requests.  Scroll down for more designs...


PIC00022b.JPG (202137 bytes) PIC00023b.JPG (196287 bytes) PIC00024b.JPG (211182 bytes)


PIC00025b.JPG (199803 bytes) PIC00026b.JPG (206184 bytes) PIC00027b.JPG (202749 bytes)


PIC00028b.JPG (211209 bytes) PIC00029b.JPG (212410 bytes) PIC00030b.JPG (210402 bytes)


Identify the desired Embroidered Design by Number/Letter and state your color preference.  Double click image to enlarge for a better view.