The Participation Quilt

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The PARTICIPATION QUILT is a truly creative and unique quilt and


 is a perfect way to add a personal touch from each friend and/or family


 member. What a wonderful gift for the wedding couple, an anniversary


 celebration, a new addition to the family or just a memory quilt.   Fabric


 blocks are sent to family and friends to embellished in any personal way


 they would like.  Blocks may include a favorite photo, written memory,



 embroidered design, appliqué or actual memento, etc. A Guidelines


 Sheet is included to give the block participants ideas.  Find some


 examples below.


The custom Participation Quilt  below includes 30 embellished/photo blocks, applique, embroidery and more.  The borders and



 sashing are made using fabric from school uniforms.  The quilt back is a patchwork design with a personalized dedication.  A



 coordinating  pillow compliments this quilt.   To view more Memory Pillow Cover samples Click Here


This Quilt measures 64" x 72", approximately $530.


Pillow, 16" square plus ruffle, $30.


PIC00012.JPG (200239 bytes)

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Participation Quilts for all Occasions!


Paris Participation Quilt


Approx.  $275.

Embroidery, photo's and graphics can be added on my end!

Many theme fabrics available!  Embroidery Designs and wording may be added.




For the Mom-To-Be




Baby Shower Participation Quilt

36 x 50"

Approx.  $250.

Embroidery, photo's and graphics can be added on my end!

All themes available- I can coordinate and usually match the Nursery!


Great Baby Shower Gift Idea!

63 x 65"

Approx.  $320.

Extensive embroidery, photo's and graphics added

Diaper Bag is Actually an Invitation Enlarged - Open to keep cards.




Birthday Participation Quilt

CIMG6102.JPG (1012746 bytes) CIMG6103.JPG (1017683 bytes) CIMG6104.JPG (1002192 bytes)

This Quilt offers 56 Squares to personalize!

Approx. 67x74"


Embroidered Wording may be added

Blocks may include a photo, graphic or Embroidered Design.



Teacher/School/Auction Quilt Samples: To reference any


 of the quilts on this page, please give us the page name


(Participation Quilts) and the Quilt name.


A great gift idea for that special Teacher!  Personalized quilts are also a wonderful item for your school auction and



 help to generate funds-Submit special requests to


**Some Quilt orders qualify to also receive a Pillow Cover Gift Certificate that can be included with the auction Quilt or auctioned off separately for extra funds!  Multi-Quilt Discount- Order 2 or more Quilts and receive 10% off your total purchase!


Quilt photos 006.jpg (1033058 bytes) Quilt photos 007.jpg (1044474 bytes) Quilt photos 009.jpg (1039350 bytes)


Out of this World Signature School Quilt

This Quilt 50 x65"

Approx. $260.



Stars and some planets are appliqued in place-Kids have signed the stars!

Themed Fabrics and Embroidery Designs available for just about anything-just ask!


ClassroomPhotos 001.jpg (1012812 bytes) ClassroomPhotos 002.jpg (1020257 bytes) ClassroomPhotos 003.jpg (1027965 bytes)


The Classroom Quilt

This Quilt 50 x60"

Approx. $280.



Done in any size-your choice of colors and theme fabrics if desired!

Embroidered Wording and Designs to reflect any theme available!


CIMG6364.JPG (648818 bytes) CIMG6365.JPG (649516 bytes) CIMG6366.JPG (665363 bytes)


Diamond Hatch Quilt!

This Quilt 65x68"

Approx. $275.

Can be made using school colors- uniform shirt with logo added in corner block!

Many great 'School Themed' designs available- great idea for School auctions and fundraisers!


CIMG6183.JPG (657921 bytes) CIMG6185.JPG (673169 bytes) CIMG6184.JPG (669506 bytes)


Self Portrait Participation Quilt!

This Quilt 55x64"

Approx. $260.

Done in any size, color combination and style!

Many great 'School Themed' designs available- great idea for School auctions and fundraisers!


CIMG5006.JPG (1032406 bytes) CIMG5008.JPG (1005587 bytes) CIMG5009.JPG (1030957 bytes)

Graduation Photo

Participation Quilt 

This Quilt 68 x 82"

Approx. $400.

Collect favorite photos from Family and Friends for this very unique, personalized Quilt!

Embroidered Designs available to reflect almost any interest, hobby, favorite thing, etc. 


CIMG5017.JPG (1034131 bytes) CIMG5018.JPG (1029818 bytes) CIMG5019.JPG (1031331 bytes)

Student's Favorite Memories Quilt 

This Quilt 87 x 82"

Approx. $500.

School uniform fabric also used- many school themed designs available!

CIMG5020.JPG (1037048 bytes)



CIMG4497.JPG (1027205 bytes) CIMG4494.JPG (1029990 bytes)

CIMG4495.JPG (1029639 bytes)


CIMG4496.JPG (1012764 bytes)



Participation Quilt

This Quilt 63 x 77"

Approx. $350.

T-shirt panels added along with Photos and 'Participation' blocks!

Embroidered Wording and Designs added.  Designs for almost any 'theme' available.


CIMG4468.JPG (1039700 bytes) CIMG4471.JPG (1017364 bytes)  

CIMG4472.JPG (1019766 bytes)

School of Arts

Participation Quilt

This Quilt 70 x 82"

Approx. $450.

Sorry, photo is so dark!

Embroidered Wording added for personalization

Photos/Drawings may be printed in color or B&W

Done in your choice of colors!


April52010 008.jpg (2284521 bytes) April52010 009.jpg (2267574 bytes) April52010 014.jpg (2548923 bytes)


Teacher's Memories

This Quilt 54 x 60"

Approx. $230.

Beautiful Fabrics and Embroidered Designs make the perfect traditional Quilt

Coordinating Pillow Cover 1/2 off when purchased with 

a matching Quilt!


March242010 001.jpg (2501887 bytes) March242010 003.jpg (2325896 bytes) March242010 002.jpg (2672061 bytes)


This Quilt 90" Square

Approx. $500.

Great idea for an Auction Embroidered Designs and Wording added-Many school related designs available!


May112009 003.jpg (2732896 bytes) May112009 002.jpg (2225314 bytes) May112009 007.jpg (2562754 bytes)

Special Teacher Quilt

This Quilt 42 x 57"

Approx. $270.

Quilts can be made up using School colors or Theme Fabrics!

Special Teacher Quilt

Space under photos is perfect for kid's autographs


Feb20091.JPG (2534342 bytes) Feb20092.JPG (3140785 bytes) Feb20093.JPG (2731375 bytes)


This Quilt 84 x 96"

Approx. $500.

Any size, any theme, any design available-submit suggestions and ideas to Karen Embroidered Designs and Wording added-Many school related designs available!


May42010 001.jpg (2069507 bytes) May42010 003.jpg (2077096 bytes) May42010 002.jpg (2148981 bytes)

Great Birthday Gift Idea!

This Quilt 52 x 71""

Approx. $280.


A gift the whole family can participate in!

Many Team and sports Logos/Designs available-just ask!


april16081.JPG (1025928 bytes) april16082.JPG (1030430 bytes) april16084.JPG (1043256 bytes)

Artwork Quilt

This Quilt 69 x 91"

Approx. $330

(Due to extensive printing)

Students artwork copied onto fabric-

Embroidered Designs and Wording added

Fleece backed

april16088.JPG (1070442 bytes)


march20084.JPG (1012146 bytes) march20085.JPG (1029328 bytes) march20089.JPG (1025729 bytes)


This Quilt 47 x 54"

Approx. $270.


Auction Quilts- Student's artwork is transferred to fabric.  Embroidered Designs in almost any Theme available


This Quilt 32 x 41

Approx. $160.


march20086.JPG (1029312 bytes) march200816.JPG (1022981 bytes) march200814.JPG (1038660 bytes)

Dinosaurs #2

This Quilt 48 x 57"

Approx. $260.


This Quilt 55" Square

Approx. $270.

march200815.JPG (1033400 bytes)


march20081.JPG (1019696 bytes) march20082.JPG (1041243 bytes) June12009 002.jpg (2480586 bytes)

6-Block Mini-Quilt

Approx. 30 x 25"


Many school-themed Embroidery designs available

Embroidered Wording and up to 6 Photos added.

Your choice of Colors & Fabric Style.  A Muslin fabric is used on the back, perfect for autographs using a permanent marking pen!  


march7081.JPG (1024952 bytes) march7083.JPG (1029100 bytes) march7085.JPG (1032854 bytes)


This Quilt 88 x 97"

Approx. $500.

(Sorry about photo-Quilt was too large to hang!)

Any size, any theme, any design available-submit suggestions and ideas to Karen Embroidered Designs and Wording added


jan30081.JPG (1033832 bytes) jan30082.JPG (1057053 bytes) jan30083.JPG (1041924 bytes)


This Quilt 59 x 68"

Approx. $450.


Choose a school theme or school colors for fabrics

Many school theme Embroidered Designs available.


jan30085.JPG (1034904 bytes) jan30084.JPG (1029939 bytes) jan30036.JPG (1031961 bytes)
Embroidered Wording may also be added. Submit special requests to Fabulous Fleece Print Fabric used on the back for a super soft and warm quilt!



March3061.JPG (648065 bytes) March3063.JPG (624675 bytes) March30611.JPG (627167 bytes)

Give Your Teacher a Hand!

This Quilt- 71" Square

Approx. $350.

Beautiful Batik fabrics give this quilt an 'artsy' flair!

Many 'themed' Embroidered Designs available


March3065.JPG (625313 bytes) March3066.JPG (626134 bytes) March3069.JPG (637112 bytes)

Designs done in colors to match fabric

Embroidered Wording may be added

Blocks may include a photo, graphic or Embroidered Design.


Jan120713.JPG (674863 bytes)

Jan120714.JPG (659138 bytes)

Jan120720.JPG (651200 bytes)

Handprints!  Great idea for a School Auction Quilt-this quilt 84 x 90"

Approx. $500.

72 Photo/Handprint blocks

Multi Embroidered Designs and Wording- Any size available

Many fabulous Embroidered Designs available including the whole alphabet!


Jan120716.JPG (658467 bytes)

Jan120718.JPG (646028 bytes)

Jan120719.JPG (680719 bytes)


April12063.JPG (683902 bytes)

April12066.JPG (643878 bytes)

April12065.JPG (634793 bytes)

Schoolhouse Quilt

Perfect for that favorite Teacher!

Approx. 45" Square

This Quilt- $230.

Many great 'school theme' fabrics and embroidered designs available

Center block has appliquéd Schoolhouse


PIC00028f.JPG (200410 bytes) PIC00029f.JPG (212919 bytes)

The Classroom Quilt

41 x 63"

Approx. $230.

Actual Chalkboard Fabric for Center Block (if available)

Photo's may also be added

Many Embroidered Designs Available-This Quilt available for purchase


PIC00011g.JPG (199256 bytes) PIC00012g.JPG (208250 bytes)

Collage Quilt

48 x 59"

Approximately $250.

The kids handprints were copied onto fabric!

Photo layout may be a block style or a collage design


Pillow Covers are great gift ideas for that special Teacher when a Quilt is just too big!  Several of the sample covers shown below are available for purchase- Identify the cover you would like to order using the name and number of the pillow.  When your order is confirmed, Cover will be finished off with a 2" fabric ruffle, quilted and personalized.  Send order requests to  Pillow Covers have an open back and require a 16" Pillow Form (not included).  Cost including Wording/Photo added- $25.00

PIC00025f.JPG (207867 bytes) PIC00026f.JPG (209192 bytes)

Teacher #1-Pillow Cover

Embroidered Wording may be added

1 Available as is

Teacher #2-Pillow Cover

Embroidered Wording and a photo may be added

1 Available as is

Teacher #3-Pillow Cover

Embroidered Wording and a photo may be added

1 Available as is


PIC00030f.JPG (205606 bytes)

To view more Pillow Cover samples and to Special Order a Pillow for any Occasion

Click Here

Teacher #4-Pillow Cover

Embroidered Wording and a photo may be added

1 Available as is

Remembering the Class

This Pillow Cover was made using school uniform fabric-

The class photo and Embroidered Wording were added- $30.


Note: A Muslin fabric may be used on Pillow backs- perfect for autographs using a permanent fabric pen!


More Participation Quilt Samples


20160625_150419.jpg (5224183 bytes) 20160625_150455.jpg (4743692 bytes) 20160625_150433.jpg (4621865 bytes)

MSU 50th Anniversary

Wall Hanging

51 x 54"

Approx. $170.

Space is left on top/bottom panels for Family personal notes!

Blocks embellished by Family members, photos may be added


CIMG6009.JPG (1025849 bytes) CIMG6010.JPG (1037511 bytes) CIMG6013.JPG (1062009 bytes)

Special Birthday Participation Quilt 

60 Square

Approx. $280.

A decorated block from each Family member is the perfect, personalized touch!

Done in any size and color combination-Wording and Designs may be added


CIMG6004.JPG (1018655 bytes) CIMG6006.JPG (1035756 bytes) CIMG6007.JPG (1043861 bytes)

The Hadassah Participation Quilt 

60 x 64"

Approx. $280.

The perfect way to capture Memories from a special event!

Embroidered Designs reflect the event-center panel is a T-shirt!



November202009 010.jpg (2550652 bytes) November202009 011.jpg (2511411 bytes) November202009 012.jpg (2590575 bytes)

Family Participation 

Quilt #1

80 x 70"

Approx. $300.

Personalized blocks from Family members added

Clothing pieces may be added!


July720101a.jpg (63372 bytes)

July120108.jpg (51678 bytes)


July20107.jpg (37297 bytes)


July120102.jpg (32988 bytes)July120106.jpg (45220 bytes)July120105.jpg (29112 bytes)July120104.jpg (28325 bytes)

Graduation Participation Quilt #1

This Quilt 66 x 75"

Approx. $320.

T-shirts, Photos, Multi-embroidered Designs,

Wording and Participation Blocks added.


A great way for Family & Friends to add Memories & Best Wishes!



June32009 001.jpg (2840183 bytes) June32009 004.jpg (2719874 bytes) June32009 006.jpg (2624087 bytes)

Graduation Participation Quilt #2

69 x 66"

Approx. $450.

Multi-Photos, Embroidered Designs, Embellishments, T-shirt Panels, Uniform Fabric & More!   To view samples of Graduation Quilts, Click Here
June32009 002.jpg (2426192 bytes) June32009 003.jpg (2362159 bytes) June32009 005.jpg (2470400 bytes)


Dec212008 027.jpg (1037779 bytes) Dec212008 024.jpg (1035864 bytes) Dec212008 026.jpg (1029377 bytes)

Wedding Memories 

Quilt #1

This Quilt 60 x 61"

Approx. $300.

The perfect, personalized gift from Friends and Family!

Photos, Embroidered Designs and Wording added.  


june19081.JPG (1043545 bytes) june19082.JPG (1095500 bytes) june19083.JPG (1063826 bytes)

Wedding Memories 

Quilt #2

This Quilt 58" Square

Approx. $280.

Your choice of colors and fabric style-any size available.


Photos, Embroidered Designs and Wording added.  Designs for almost any theme available-just ask!


june19084.JPG (1061636 bytes) june19085.JPG (1093168 bytes) june19086.JPG (1057609 bytes)



Family Participation 

Quilt #2

This Quilt 56 x 65"

Approx. $320.

Embellished blocks, patchwork corners, Embroidered Designs & Wording, Picturescape, etc. The most unique and personal gift for a loved one.  Send your special requests to



PIC00001.JPG (202541 bytes) PIC00002.JPG (204077 bytes) PIC00003.JPG (206584 bytes)

Favorite Memories Quilt

Approximately $270.

Appliquéd Center Block

Photo's Added

Many Embroidered Designs Available




Aug25,03011.jpg (98038 bytes) Aug25,03013.jpg (97342 bytes) Aug25,03019.jpg (94572 bytes)

Family Participation 

Quilt #3

Approximately $300.

Invitation Center Block

Personalized Blocks



Aug25,03014.jpg (87842 bytes) Aug25,03017.jpg (101930 bytes) Aug25,03015.jpg (91750 bytes)


April04033.JPG (148543 bytes)

April04026.JPG (147679 bytes)

April04027.JPG (171572 bytes)

The Perfect Gift Idea for that Special Someone!

Approximately $300.

Any Size, Any Theme...


April04028.JPG (165937 bytes)

April04029.JPG (162335 bytes)

April04030.JPG (148766 bytes)

Special Feature: Music Box Added

Embroidery Scape (landscape design) and Music Box added.

Please Inquire.


P7070011_2.JPG (207585 bytes)

Graduation Participation

Quilt #3

Approximately $400.

64 x 77"


P7070013.JPG (204051 bytes) P7070015.JPG (206311 bytes)
P7070016.JPG (206899 bytes) P7070017.JPG (208554 bytes) This quilt offers many mediums-T-shirt panels and logos, appliques, photos, embroidered designs, pins, buttons, etc.


Quilt Information-

The cost of the quilt will depend on the size and detail of the design.  The Participation Quilt is usually a grid-block style, using blocks that are at least 8” square. Circle of Friends Quilting  will discuss size, approximate number of blocks and design style with the customer.  A price will be quoted and if agreed upon, the customer will receive a ‘Participation Quilt Guidelines’ sheet to copy and send to all participants along with the fabric blocks.  The guidelines sheet  explains how the block is to be done, offers design suggestions and lets the participant know when all the blocks must be returned. 

When all the blocks are collected, the quilt will be constructed using customers choice of fabric colors/prints.  The customer is always welcome to provide their own fabrics.  Please inquire for yardages needed, a price adjustment may be made.  The quilt may also be personalized with  embroidered designs and/or wording.  This will all be discussed when the quilt is ordered.  Special requests and suggestions are always welcome.  Circle of Friends Quilting will always try to honor your requests whenever possible!


Quilt Block Fabric-

The fabric used must be 100% cotton fabric with a higher thread count (200 +).  This is a better quality cotton that washes well and accepts the photo transfers easily.  The fabric should be white or a light cream (whichever will work best with the quilt border fabric colors).  The fabric should  not be pre-washed.  The quilt participants will be asked to use only embellishments/materials that can be permanently adhered to the quilt and use only permanent fabric pens, markers and/or paints.  A contact number will be on the guidelines sheet and the block participants are encouraged to email or call directly if they have any questions concerning the quilt. 

 This type of quilt is a bit more involved and requires more of your time certainly.  However, it is the most personal of gifts and one that will be cherished forever!

Don’t hesitate to email with any questions or concerns you may have.  Phone: 586-264-1937