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Please note: due to the rising costs of materials and supplies, my prices have increased slightly.

The prices listed for the samples are the old prices so plan to add an additional $10-$30.00

per Quilt depending on the amount.  Thank you!

ALSO: Unfortunately I am no longer able to make the really large Quilts

(like a King size or Quilts with more than 25 T-shirts)  So sorry

for any inconvenience this may cause!


A Custom Photo Memory Quilt


Memory Pillow Cover or


T-Shirt/Clothing Quilt is a unique gift


everyone on your Gift list will love!


Check out the Quilt Categories below 


to view many samples for ideas.


Email Karen with any questions or


 with cost inquiries/special requests!


Quilt Categories


Photo Memory 

Pillow Covers


Photo Memory Quilts



T-Shirt/Clothing Quilts

and Pillow Covers



Wedding/Anniversary Quilts and Pillow Covers

Graduation Quilts 


Pillow Covers



Memorial Quilts

In Loving Memory of...


Quilts for Baby/Kids

Quilts for Men

Participation Quilts


Circle of Friends Quilting offers FREE shipping

to our US customers!


Each Quilt and Pillow Cover is


 customized per your special requests! 


 Quilts are personalized and customized per


your special requests!


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Karen Dunn- Owner/Designer

Circle of Friends Quilting

(586)  264-1937
Postal Address
4759 Pickwick Drive
        Sterling Heights, Michigan
(586)  264-1937




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