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Plan ahead-Graduation will be here 


before you know it!  


A Custom Photo Memory Quilt or


T-Shirt/Clothing Quilt is the


perfect gift idea for any Graduate!


Check out the Quilt Categories below to


 view many samples for ideas.


Email Karen with any questions or


 with cost inquiries/special requests!



Quilt Categories

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Photo Memory 

Pillow Covers


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Photo Memory Quilts


CIMG5877.JPG (1022788 bytes)


CIMG4970.JPG (1042550 bytes)

T-Shirt/Clothing Quilts

and Pillow Covers


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Wedding/Anniversary Quilts and Pillow Covers

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May302009 002.jpg (2551027 bytes)




Pillow Covers


CIMG6114.JPG (1024435 bytes)


Memorial Quilts

In Loving Memory of...

 PIC00001b.JPG (206400 bytes)

Quilts for Baby/Kids

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Quilts for Men

Christ11.JPG (212652 bytes)

Holiday Quilts


Circle of Friends Quilting offers FREE shipping

to our US customers!


Custom Photo Memory Quilts and Pillow Covers


Each Quilt and Pillow Cover is

 customized per your special requests! 

 Quilts can be made up in any size,

 color combination, theme and with any

 number of Photos, Clothing Pieces

 and/or T-shirts.


Click on the underlined Quilt categories to view tons of samples for ideas!


Personalized Photo Memory Quilt  




  Weddings or Anniversary  


 T-Shirt/Clothing Quilt


Memorial Quilt


Pillow Cover  


 Appreciation Keepsake Quilt or a 


Participation Quilt.   


 TeacherFundraisersGuys or that


 'Bundle of Joy'! 


Email Karen with your special requests

 and for cost inquiries


Contact Information


Welcome!  Please feel free to email or call me with any questions or special requests for your Custom Memory Quilt or Pillow Cover


Karen Dunn- Owner/Designer

Circle of Friends Quilting

Electronic mail 
(586)  264-1937
Postal Address
4759 Pickwick Drive
        Sterling Heights, Michigan
(586)  264-1937


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